Nowadays, we are all aware of how protect from coronavirus. As you know, one of the most important precautions is to pay attention to hand hygiene. Although washing hands with soap for at least 20 seconds is recommended for hand hygiene, we can get help from disinfectants and colognes in places where hand washing is not possible.

Why is Hand Cleaning Important?

In addition to entering our body through the respiratory tract, the coronavirus can also pass to our hands through contact surfaces. When hands come into contact with the mouth, nose or eyes, the virus can enter the body. If you pay attention to hand hygiene, possible viruses can be destroyed.

Why is Disinfectant and Cologne Effective against Viruses?

In order to understand how cologne and disinfectant help to protect against the virus and provide hygiene, first of all, it is necessary to look at how washing hands with water and soap destroys germs. The membrane consisting of fat molecules around some viruses, including coronavirus, protects the genetics of the viruses. When this membrane is damaged, the genetics of the viruses are degraded and their infectious properties are usually lost. The oil dissolving feature of soap can also eliminate the harmful effects of viruses, as it dissolves this wall covering the outside of viruses. Disinfectants and colognes can also be used for hand cleaning as they neutralize viruses similarly thanks to the alcohol they contain.

From Traditional Hospitality to Protection from Coronavirus

Traditional cologne, one of the symbols of Turkish hospitality for centuries, has become one of the important tools of virus protection with the Covid-19 outbreak. Colognes with 80% alcohol content, besides their pleasant scents and refreshing effects, now also act as disinfectants.

An Article from BBC


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