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Naturist Hand Sanitizer

At your disposal with its special formula,
which is suitable for all skin types,
at any time you need to sanitize your hands without water.

Very efficient protection against all pathogenic microorganisms
such as bacteria, fungi and virus
owing to its minimum 70% alcohol content.

Biocide Registration by the Ministry of Health

“Naturist hand sanitizer is a trademark of İyonchem.
As well as all our products, hand sanitizers are offered to customers after the active ingredients, efficiency and dermatological tests by the Ministry of Health according to international regulations.”

Naturist Blog

What is a disinfectant and where is it used?

What is a disinfectant and where is it used?

A disinfectant is a chemical substance that destroys the growth of pathogenic microorganisms in a non-spore or vegetative state or prevents their reproduction. Microorganisms include invisible organisms such as viruses, bacteria, algae and fungi. Disinfection does not...

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Hand Sanitizers and Cologne

Hand Sanitizers and Cologne

Nowadays, we are all aware of how protect from coronavirus. As you know, one of the most important precautions is to pay attention to hand hygiene. Although washing hands with soap for at least 20 seconds is recommended for hand hygiene, we can get help from...

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