“Do disinfectant and cologne protect against coronavirus?” Many people can answer “yes” to the question. It has been documented by researches that disinfectants significantly reduce the numbers of different types of viruses.

But at this point, it should not be forgotten that the content of the disinfectant and cologne you prefer is also very important. Because products that are not strong in content may not be successful in eliminating the coronavirus. Whether you prefer cologne or hand disinfectant, the first thing you should pay attention to, should be to use products produced by a reliable brand. Then, you should examine the types of alcohol and alcohol ratios contained in the products you prefer.

Hand disinfectants are divided into two as alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Although the substance in the content of non-alcoholic disinfectants provides a reduction in viruses, they are not as effective as alcoholic disinfectants. For this reason, taking an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 65% alcohol may be a better choice to eliminate viruses.

Another point you should pay attention to when buying hand sanitizer is the expiration date of hand antiseptics. You should not buy products that have expired and use the hand sanitizer you have opened within the time specified on the package. Otherwise, the alcohol in the disinfectant may evaporate, which may reduce its effect on killing viruses.

We should also point out that you should never smell hand sanitizers. The ingredients in disinfectants can be harmful to the respiratory tract. According to your preference in terms of ease of use; you can choose liquid hand sanitizer or gel hand sanitizer. If you are buying in large packages, you can choose the liquid form so that there is no waste product in the package after use. If it is important for you to adjust the dosage for each use, gel disinfectants may be a more practical solution for you.

If you cannot reach alcohol-based hand sanitizer, choosing cologne as a disinfectant may be a healthy choice at this point. In colognes, products containing 80 degrees alcohol are recommended by experts. Of course, at this point, it is useful to underline a small but important point as in hand disinfectants; leaving the lid of the cologne may cause the alcohol to evaporate. When the alcohol flies, cologne may not be successful in its disinfecting task.

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